Dutch Two Tier Rack – Optima V10

About Project:

The Dutch Two Tier Rack – Optima V10 is a space saving, robust design that doubles the amount of cycle parking compared with traditional cycle rack, making it ideal for high density areas such as major transport hubs, offices and shopping centres.

The Optima V10 is made from Hot-dipped galvanised steel, holds twice as many bikes within the same surface area as standard racks, its length can be extended indefinitely and can accommodates all types of bicycles.  It feature a movable upper gutter, a gas assisted lifting mechanism for easy use and allows for bicycles to be chained for security.

Available in single or double-sided configurations, and can be extended to suit individual space requirements.

Height: 2750mm
Depth: 1912mm
Recommended minimum aisle space: 2400mm
Centre to centre: 400mm


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